Robin Thicke, Singer About Being Drunk & High, Admits to Being Drunk & High

Robin Thicke and Pharrell are in court over whether last year’s summer jam, “Blurred Lines,” ripped off Marvin Gaye’s 1977 tune, “Got to Give It Up.”

In depositions taken in April and revealed today by the Hollywood Reporter, Thicke testifies that he was too messed-up on booze and Vicodin to have written “Blurred Lines.” And as for all the interviews in which he took credit for co-writing the song and said that he was inspired by Marvin Gaye? Well, he was shitfaced for those, too, and has almost no memory of what he said.

Thicke further testified that his wife, Paula Patton, dumped him because he told her about his drinking and drugging, that he doesn’t “give a f**k” about the musical litigation, and that his penis is shaped like a bag of melted gummy bears. (Maybe not that last part.)

Perhaps Thicke is laying it on a little thick as part of a lawyer-advised tap dance. The important thing is, justice may eventually be served, and in the meantime, the various parties’ legal teams get to bill a combined total of about $4,000 an hour.

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