Things We Learned From Gisele Bundchen’s Under Armour Ad

Here’s the new ad from Under Armour featuring still famous super model Gisele Bundchen where she works a heavy bag for a minute.

And here’s what we learned from Gisele Bundchen’s Under Armour ad.

  • She does a little hop on her pivot foot before turning her hips while kicking.
  • She doesn’t swing her arms to get power on the kick.
  • She doesn’t keep her guard up when throwing a kick.
  • She probably doesn’t know how to throw a kick.
  • She doesn’t extend her punches.
  • She probably punches like a girl.
  • She actually punches like a cartoon rabbit.
  • She gets winded really quickly.
  • The Under Armour website for this video is pretty cool. No, really. You should check it out.
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