Amber Rose Walked in on Whiz Khalifa Having a Threeway Twins, Allegedly

On Hot 97, Pete Rosenberg said he knew the real reason behind the split between Amber Rose and Whiz Khalifa. Rosenberg said his wife and Rose are close and that they were talking on the phone about the breakup all night.

From what he heard, Rose walked in on Whiz banging twins at the same time. The twins are self-proclaimed fashion designers, Jas and Ness Rose. Rosenberg claims Amber walked in on them at a shared home. The excuse Whiz gave about breaking up before she caught him cheating was apparently smokescreen.

The amazing part this story is Whiz managed to bang twins. Yea, the guy who looks like he subsists solely on bong water had a threeway with identical sisters. That deserves at least a reluctant high five.

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