Amber Rose Is Out Here Accusing Gwyneth Paltrow of Sleeping with Jay-Z

Remember Spencer and Heidi Pratt? Well, they have their own podcast. It’s called Make Speidi Famous Again, just in case you were wondering about their intentions.

Amber Rose recently appeared on the podcast and dropped a potential truth bomb about Jay-Z and Beyonce.

“I definitely think that Gwyneth Paltrow is Becky with the good hair. I really feel like she’s the one who was, like, fucking JAY Z.”

For those that don’t remember, on Beyonce’s track “Sorry,” she accused JAY Z of cheating on her with “Becky with the good hair.” JAY Z confirmed these accusations on his latest album.

Rachel Roy was originally outed as Becky, but she denied the allegations.

Paltrow is (was?) a longtime friend of Jay and Bey’s. She dedicated her cookbook to their daughter, Blue Ivy, and was one of the few to attend their wedding.

The math doesn’t add up here as Paltrow is not named Becky, nor does she have good hair. Now, she did play a character named Rebecca in Shout, which is her first acting credit on IMDB. I know we all want to believe Beyonce is a supernatural genius, but this would be some next level stuff.

A rep for Paltrow denied Rose’s comments, telling PEOPLE the allegations are “completely absurd and 100 percent false.” A source stated that all three are still friends.

Until Paltrow shows up as a special guest on the On The Run II tour, I don’t believe it.

Rose backtracked on her comment on Twitter.

Kanye West definitely put her up to all this.

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3 years ago

Please tell me you know that “ Becky” is slang for white girl. Not actually the cheaters name…

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