Halle Berry Tired of Gabriel Aubry Mooching Off Her Child Support

Halle Berry is tired of paying Gabriel Aubry $16,000 a month in child support and has filed legal docs to have it brought down to only $3,000 a month. Berry claims Gabriel has stopped working and has resigned himself to living off the payments thus abusing the system.

According to Berry, Aubry is perfectly capable of getting a job and that $3,000 is plenty enough for their 6-year-old to live off of as long as it’s supplemented by his income.

This is the equivalent of your mom stopping payment on your Xbox Gold membership to force you to get a job. Well you know what? It didn’t work when you stopped paying for my gas and it won’t stop me now! To the board games!

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She couldn’t get custody of her own kid? Is she THAT fucked up?

stacey zimmerman
stacey zimmerman

You know what Halle, “WAAAA!!!” You picked this loser to procreate with! Dix you just think, “Oh! We’ll have such GORGEOUS BABIES! LET’S HAVE ONE!!!” and then stop there? You’d been dating him for quite awhile before u got knocked up, if memory serves me, so what was it about the “model” boyfriend that really changed? Was he EVER a BIG CONTRIBUTOR in your relationship? I think you need to shush now!


Aubry is bitter and LAZY and feels entitled to live off money he does not earn. His excuse not to work is pure BS because plenty of people work a second job to make ends meet. Aubry chooses NOT to contribute to his daughter’s support. And that support likely paid his IRS bill truth be told. For the record Aubry previously worked in a restaurant and owned one however it now appears he thinks that kind of work is beneath him because he had a baby with Halle Berry. Aubry is no different then a welfare recipient. Most men desire… Read more »

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