You Probably Don’t Want to Joke About Ebola on a Plane

A passenger on US Airways Flight 850 from Philadelphia to Punta Cana sneezed and joked he had been to Africa. As expected, this prompted a huge Ebola scare complete with people in hazmat suits boarding the plane.

Once we landed in Punta Cana we were told by the flight attendants that there was a situation and that a passenger may have been in Africa and had Ebola. She was certain it was a hoax but they did not take any chances and had a full hazmat crew board the plane and take the passenger off. It was later confirmed that the passenger was never in Africa and after 2hrs we were finally able to get off the plane.

I don’t think the plane needed to be on lockdown for two hours for this guy to realize, too soon, dude, too soon.

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