How Not to Treat a Subway Customer

Sure, the old guy in this video probably shouldn’t have went ballistic from being overcharged $.50, but in his defense, dealing with idiots like this cashier would frustrate¬†anyone to no end. It’s like trying to explain calculus to a complete moron. It’s probably the most frustrating experience in the world. Like trying to understand the lyrics to this song.

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Ed Nelson
Ed Nelson
8 years ago

I can tell you I have nearly the exact same conversation at my local Subway 2 months ago. The sign said Cold Cut foot long was $5. The cashier charged me $6.25. I pointed to the sign and said “No, the sign says $5”. The cashier said “The price is in the computer, and I can’t control it”. We argued back and forth about what the sign said versus what they were charging. He ended up calling the Manager, who told him to charge what the sign said. Moral of this story: The CAN input any price needed if the… Read more »

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