Val Kilmer Almost Choked to Death on a Piece of Chicken While Filming ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’

Robert Downey Jr. did a Reddit AMA today where he revealed how we almost lost Val Kilmer to the craft services table on the set of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

It was entirely shot at night. We were pretty giddy most of the time. I saw it last week by chance, and had a flood of fond memories. On the first day of shooting, Val Kilmer (genius) almost choked to death on a piece of catering chicken right before we shot the first scene of the movie. His eyes were still watering until we got to his close up.

I’m so happy he’s still with us.

Val Kilmer must have taken that as a sign from god that no food could kill him. His ego then took him on a trip to the buffet line for the next 10 years. Thus explaining his current “condition.”

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