Val Kilmer Once Stared Longingly Into Eminem’s Penis

Eminem gave Elton John a diamond cock ring as a wedding gift. And that’s not even the weirdest story involving Eminem and a cock.

In 2010, Val Kilmer saw Eminem naked. The rapper was changing in his trailer prior to the MTV Awards (he couldn’t remember if it was the Movie or Video Awards, not that it matters) when he looked at the trailer across from him. Sitting there was the Top Gun actor. The trailer was registered to 50 Cent and Kilmer happened to be visiting. Or squatting.

Kilmer and 50 had appeared in Streets of Blood (2009) and Gun (2010) together, which would explain why the hell they would be hanging out.

Marshall did not explain what happened next. Just that the two looked at each other, Kilmer saw him naked, and the rest is up to our imagination.

I’d like to think something like this happened.

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