Brad and Angelina Fought on a Balcony

It’s been three months since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married in France, so it’s about that time we start planting the seed of growing discontent.

Woman’s Day has exclusive photos of Brad and Angelina arguing on a balcony in Sydney. They animated the photos to make it more action packed.

Brad, 50, downed a Crown Lager at the early hour of 10am and the pair were both seen clutching cigarettes as their intense discussion raged on. Industry insiders tell Woman’s Day that the tensions could be down to Ange’s hectic workload in the past year.

The two later showed up at an event looking stiff which is much different when I show up to an event looking stiff, if ya know what I mean.

By 6pm that same day, Brad and Ange had pasted on happy smiles for the cameras as their first red-carpet event as a married couple and greeted a throng of fans on the way to Sydney’s State Theatre.

Despite arriving together in a black Land Rover, they barely looked at each other at the event –Brad busied himself signing autographs, while Ange focused on speaking to the assembled media on the other side of the road.

Uh oh. I’ve watched enough tv to know how this goes. First they’re arguing on a balcony. Then Brad’s drinking to escape. Then Angelina is telling reporters that she must have ran into a door or something and it was all her fault. Then Angelina is crying on my shoulder. Then one thing leads to another and then there I am looking like the bad guy asking her if she’s sure she wants to do this.

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