Daniel Craig Returns in Next Bond Movie, Spectre, Along with Amazing New People

Spectre, the next James Bond movie, brings back Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond. Castings were announced in a live webcast from London’s Pinewood studios.

Sam Mendes, director of Spectre and the previous Skyfall, has slotted Christoph Waltz to play a character named Oberhauser. Also, ex-wrestler Dave Bautista will play Mr. Hinx. Bautista’s moving up in the movie biz with Guardians of the Galaxy under his belt and now a Bond movie. Big time.

With Waltz’s casting, there’ll now be twice the accents you could ever ask for. They also covered the hottie factor with Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra. Spectre comes out November 6th, 2015, so clutch your martini glasses in anticipation fanboys.

And if you’re wondering about James Bond’s car in Spectre, BAM! The Aston Martin DB10.

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