Justin Bieber Chokes Out Chris Brown

Chris Brown gets a taste of his own medicine as Justin Bieber separates him from consciousness. That’s what would’ve happened in fantasy land but unfortunately, Justin Bieber still needs his bodyguard to fight for him. Bieber posted the photo on Instagram of him and Brown horsing around. What isn’t shown in this pic is Bieber pissing his pants as Brown’s bodyguards stare menacingly at him from behind the camera.

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Ricky Lee
Ricky Lee
9 years ago

Man, I really wish that I could drive my gosh-damn 2003 Ford Excursion. I am thirty-one years old, and Ive passed my drivers-licence test when I was sixteen years old. Then, when I turned twenty years old, I was riding with some guy that I just met, that day at my old idiotic friends mothers house, and I was riding with him, to get some beer, and we were in a horrible accident, that I was the only survivor of. So GOD is real, and obviously, he is on my side.