Miley Cyrus Makes Out with Girls because Her Boyfriend Gets Off on It

This story proves what a good girlfriend Miley would make. Imagine a girlfriend who does anything to please you. Like you wave your magic wand, i.e. dick, and she starts making out with girls. Or makes you a turkey breast with avocado sandwich overflowing with olives and mayonnaise. Damn!

“Miley loves turning Patrick [Schwarzenegger] on. And one way she does this is by flirting and making out with random hot girls and posting sexy pics on social media for him to see. Patrick is intrigued with Miley and her ‘don’t give a f**k attitude.’ He’s just in awe of her and everything about her turns him on,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Say what you will about Miley, but it sure sounds like she’s dedicated to her man. Schwarzenegger must have a king dong that hypnotizes Miley. Or he has a really, really great sense of humor.

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