Guy Beats Girlfriend with Puppy until It Defecates on Her and Dies

Anyone who hurts puppies needs to turn in their keys and go straight to solitary confinement forever. Timothy Tucker deserves that fate. This Kalamazoo, Michigan man went psycho and used a two-week old puppy as a billy club on his girlfriend. MLive reports:

Tucker, according to court documents, punched his girlfriend in November, leaving her with a “severely swollen eye.” He then took the puppy and repeatedly struck the woman with the animal.

After the assault, fecal matter from the puppy was found on the woman, according to court documents.

This guy’s a winner. First, he beats a woman. Then beats her with a puppy until it shits itself out of fear all over the girl. Then keeps beating her until the freaking puppy dies. WTF.

In court Tuesday, the woman told Lipsey that Tucker’s actions “put me in a real dark place” and that she was not able to see for weeks because of her injuries. She also said that she’s struggled with depression since the assault.

“I was hurt, scared in my own house, being attacked in my own house,” the woman said. “I’m still scared and I shouldn’t have to feel like that from someone I cared about, someone I loved.

Michigan should stick a tiny rocket up this guy’s ass and shoot him off a cliff. Then do it over and over again.

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9 years ago

This guy needs to get the “pliers, straight razor and blowtorch” treatment.