Justin Bieber ‘Accidentally’ Attends Gay Republican Meeting

Is there something Justin Bieber wants to share? This past Tuesday, King Douche arrived at West Hollywood’s State Social House restaurant and made his way to his usual table. Nothing wrong there…except that the table was located within an area reserved for a Log Cabin Republicans meeting. This group of Republicans fights for the rights of the gay community and includes many gay and lesbian members of the GOP.

“He looked like kind of a butcher version of Miley Cyrus,” Coleman [Ben Coleman of the Los Angeles Chapter of the group] told the radio station in audio provided by TMZ. “He was literally sitting five feet from [a banner which read ‘Log Cabin Republicans’].”

…Bieber’s staff thwarted Coleman’s attempt to snap a photograph of the pop star and newly-minted underwear model on his phone.

Someone didn’t want evidence eh? What’s the big deal, Biebs? Those underwear ads will make you a big gay icon now. Embrace your inner rainbow, Justin.

And one gay porn star dreamnt up an amazing idea. Johnny Rapid of (it’s XXX-rated, did you have to ask) offered Biber $2 million to shoot a gay porn video. “I’ll do most of the work,” Rapid promised in the YouTube video below. Oh..well ok then. C’mon Biebs, an easy $2 million to get your grind on with Johnny Rapid. Justin and Johnny sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

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