Mindy Kaling Naked In Super Bowl Teaser Commercial

Mindy Kaling naked on a grass field. Does that sound good? Yes. Kaling’s Super Bowl teaser shows The Mindy Project star thinking she’s invisible and doing all the liberating things that come with being invisible. Like stealing food off people’s plates. Sitting naked in a field. Sticking your penis in the boss’ egg salad sandwich. Oh wait, that was just our fantasy. There’s more, so says the NY Daily News.

She embraces all the things someone would if they knew no one was watching like eating a tub of ice cream in the middle of the supermarket, tan nude in the park and go through a car wash (sans the car.)

“My writers and I had so much fun brainstorming ideas for this ad because it was all about wish fulfillment. For instance, I have always wanted to walk through a car wash, and then I got to do it for the ad!” she said in a statement to AdWeek.

“In this ad I was able to have fun fantasizing about all the ridiculous stuff you would do if you were invisibleā€¦and mischievous.”

The Harvard grad used to have weight issues (don’t all women…) and told Jimmy Kimmel “it takes a lot of effort to look like a normal/chubby woman.” Whatever. Naked woman. Boobies. Ice cream. This ad hits everything a man wants. Kudos to the marketing people.

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