Will Katy Perry Screw Up Her Super Bowl Performance?

Only if the backing tracks go down. Your Super Balling Pigskin Show hits Sunday. One of America’s favoritest pop stars, Katy Perry, brings her warbling to the halftime show. The MVP of her performance will likely be her live backing tracks. Hope she stays in sync unlike when she performed at the NRJ Music Awards in France last year.

Perry let Billboard magazine into the show’s preparations and copped to getting butterflies.

“Everyone has been asking me if I’m going to be nervous before the halftime show,” Perry says. “I’m like, I’m f—ing human. This is the biggest event of my career.”

Perry goes on to say that she’s studied past Super Bowl shows including Beyoncé and Madonna. She even e-mailed Bruno Mars to get more advice.

Hello, exclusive Super Bowl club member! I was wondering if you are in L.A. at all this month and would have tea with a sister who is about to throw up with nervousness re: [football emoji]. I’ve heard about your process through our managers, but am wondering if you had more insight on important things like, spray tan the night before or three nights before? JK, or maybe not!

Relax. Perry only needs to remember her dance moves, show her cleavage a lot, maybe a couple of ass shots and let the computers do the rest. She’s a puppet. A pretty puppet.

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