Chrissy Teigen Reveals Sex Secret That Makes John Legend Squirm

Down on the Grammys red carpet, Extra had Chrissy Teigen answer the best public place she and John Legend had sex. Teigen needed to know, “the best or the worst?” Naturally, Legend said “the best”. That’s when Teigen let loose with “the Obama thing”. Whaat?

The Obama thing? Possible threesome? Let the rumors begin! If you could read Legend’s thoughts, it’d probably be something like “damn, why’d you go there”. Teigen quickly clarified “Not the White House. 100% not the White House.” Legend added “It was not at the White House. That’s correct. He was not elected yet.” Teigen knew she revealed too much when she said “Sorry, I’m in trouble now.”

Now we know Teigen’s best public place she had sex and also the weirdest place. Man, these two have the best relationship. Expect future sex questions to get even freakier now. Midgets, there’ll definitely be midgets involved. Hopefully.

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