James Bond’s ‘Spectre’ Teaser Poster Feels Like a Gap Ad with Guns

When did James Bond start wearing turtlenecks? Functional, but very uncool. This is akin to Bond forgoing his martini, shaken, not stirred, and asking for a Michelob Lite. And then driving away in his Prius, not some cool BMW that shoots bullets out of its doors. The James Bond here looks like he’s really into yoga. Maybe the producers will outlaw bullets in Spectre and have Bond defeat his enemies with gentle words of verbal jiu-jitsu.

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9 years ago

In answer to your ‘When did James Bond start wearing turtlenecks?’ question, 45 years ago. Sean Connery wore a turtleneck in Diamonds Are Forever. Roger Moore can also be seen wearing exactly the same attire we see Craig in (holster and all) in The next film Live And Let Die in 1973.

It’ll be nice for these article writers to do some research before making opinions.
It might not be super important news, but a little Googling won’t do you much harm.

You’re welcome.