Miley Cyrus Fans Threaten Patrick Schwarzenegger with Death and Violence

Patrick Schwarzenegger will soon discover the sensation of a thousand soft 13-year old female fans pummeling him. Schwarzenegger angered the Miley Cyrus army by hugging another girl at spring break, as guys typically do.

Looks like those prepubescent teens got their tiny panties in a bunch over some innocent affection.

One fan warned, “you better run for your life when you come to LA” and “I hope your pizza place burns down.”

Another wondered, “Who’s gonna kill Patrick for us?” Others threatened all-out war “… be ready for what’s about to come,” punctuating the threat with a knife and poo emojis.

Of course, he couldn’t escape without an Arnold reference … “You and your dad have a way of f***ing good s*** up.”

Other choice bits from the Twitterverse:

You just know half the people writing these threats are 40 year old men in their underwear with some warped fixation on Miley. Probably one of those men who dress up like dolls.

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