Worst ‘Jeopardy’ Ever Ends with Woman Forever Alone Onstage

One contestant ended up competing against herself because the other two were so crappy they couldn’t make it to the final round. Trebek kept saying a despondent ‘no’ in response to all the wrong answers the players gave.. In the end, Stephanie stood onstage during Final Jeopardy, a lonely survivor of what Alex Trebek admitted “wasn’t one of the show’s best episodes”.

Two of them, Brad and Stephanie (who’s last names thankfully aren’t readily available for their sake), ended up at negative dollars. According to the rules of Jeopardy, negative dollars means no going onto Final Jeopardy.

So, Kristin played against herself and surprise, lost a quarter of her money because she guessed wrong. Cameras didn’t pan to Trebek who likely had his head buried in his heads and was shaking his jowels in disgust.

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9 years ago

Kristin was actually the one left at the end, Stephanie lost hard core!