Rob Kardashian Addicted to Meth

Aren’t meth addicts supposed to be skinny? Clearly meth has the opposite effect on Rob Kardashian because that dude is a porker. Even Kim Kardashian didn’t want him at her wedding for that very corpulent reason. Getting called fat probably drove Kardashian to sizzurp and weed, and now onto something more potent.

“Rob is hooked on crystal meth. He’s a drug addict,” a friend tells ‘In Touch.’

“His problems started because of his social anxiety,” an insider close to the family reveals. “He began doing drugs to help cope with everything. But now his issues are all magnified.”< To make matters worse, Rob, 28, is refusing to admit that he needs help. “He’s in pain,” adds the friend. “He’s a total mess.”

Fat Rob should move onto heroin. Everyone looks skinny on heroin. Sure, Rob may die, but at least he won’t be fat and embarass the Kardashians at his funeral.

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