Courtney Stodden’s Breasts Dance to Buddy Holly’s ‘It’s So Easy’

Buddy Holly never expected his music to be used like this. Courtney Stodden used his song, “It’s So Easy”, as an excuse to jiggle her ample bosom on Instagram. If women like her existed in the 1950s, it’s possible that no other music would have been invented. Musicians like Holly would stand onstage at the sock hop with fat boners, all while staring at women prancing around.

Stodden needs to drum up support for her sex video. After releasing a sex video, what else is there to do to get attention? Stodden should flip it 180 degrees and become a nun. The nun with the hugest tits around. Then, make a comeback five years after that into porn, with a Catholic-centered film about her and other nuns getting it on. Her endgame is strong.

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