Middle School Teacher Lets Students Have Sex in His Supply Closet, Surprisingly Doesn’t Find Pre-Teens Having Sex to Be Gross

Swim team practice will be held in the projection room above the auditorium! Well, more aptly, the storage closet in the 7th grade math and science room. Coach Quinton Wright? Trang Pak?

To be fair to Georgia teacher and coach Quinton Wright, he was not hooking up with his students, he was just allowing them to have sex in his supply closet. The 25-year-old educator was arrested and charged with four misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after the mother of one of his students found text messages in her phone between her son and Wright.

“He told my son you can have it from 7:30 to like 8:30,” the mother said reading some of the messages. “’Did you tell the girl what’s going to happen? That she cannot tell anybody?’ basically don’t tell anyone I’m allowing you to use my room.”

Wright was even kind enough to include a list of teachers’ schedules, but not quite kind enough to supply condoms. Sending messages like “Ight. I’m going to bring my lab top to cut some of the noise back there,” “I ain’t got no condoms,” and “Yall can’t be long”, it’s quite obvious he neither teaches English or sex ed…or ethics, for that matter.

Proving that a mother’s intuition is always Wright, she had been suspicious since Wright called her to ask if he could take pictures with the boys before 8th grade prom to which she said ‘no’ so sassily there is no font accurate enough to convey.

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