Christina Milian Proves Any Day’s a Good Day for Cleavage

Lil Wayne, lucky guy. The dude looks like a goblin but bagged Christina Milian. Here she is just walking around L.A. in a low-cut blouse, posing for the paparazzi. When you’re a C-list celeb, you want all eyes on you. When you’re an A-list celeb, you wish the paps would go away.

Milian must love goblin dick. She tatted “Love hard… TNT” onto her forearm as a show of love for Lil Wayne. Supposedly, “TNT” stands for ‘Tina’ and ‘Tunechi’, the artist nicknames for Milian and Wayne. He also calls her ‘Tina Turn Up’, a play on Tina Turner we assume. Or maybe he has a really thick accent and everyone just misunderstood what he was saying.

What does Milian love about Wayne?

“He’s a very genuine person. No matter what, love comes first with him and that’s with family, and even with God, and our relationship.”

Does Wayne’s love of God include spitting at refs at a charity basketball game? Milian forgot to add that she also loves that he’s a B-lister, one rung above her and that dating him will look good on the resume.

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