‘Joe Dirt 2’ Releases Official Trailer, Prepares Us for a Plethora of Predictable Jokes

After 14 crucial years of building new stereotypes, there have finally been enough jokes to make a Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.

David Spade joins us again as the lovable, wig-wearin’, c’untry boy, Joe Dirt. We fall right back into the story where we left off with Dirté and Brandi living their white-picket-fence, stereotypical trailer park life and introducing their own little “Nascar pit crew” to the world.

One day a tornado comes through the trailer park proverbially and literally ripping apart the Dirt family… because a tornado is the first thing you’d think of to wreak distraction on a double wide. This also sends our boy Joe back in time because situation comedy is funny and Hot Tub Time Machine did wayyyyy better than anyone anticipated. If you were a fan of the supporting cast in the last fiiiilm(?) don’t worry, it looks like somehow Joe will be visiting some old friends as well as enough celebrities to make this movie worth not going straight to DVD. Also, ball jokes; there will be ball jokes.

Have I mentioned stereotypes? Stereotype, stereotype, stereotype. Does anyone else feel like this is just an hour and a half of David Spade playing a guy livin’ the “simpl’ life”? Not that it’s humorless, just, how have they managed to squeeze now three hours out of c’untry humor? Explosions, probably more explosions. Hmm and the speed with which Christopher Walken talks can’t hurt.

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