This Dude Basically Pulled Out a Candle of Ear Wax, but Was It Scented?

You know what’s better than sex? Sex with women. A close second would be a nice Q-tip in the ear. It feels like there’s more nerve endings in your ear than your groin. Ever got turned on from tickling your ear with a Q-tip? You know you have, don’t pretend.

It’s also fun pulling s**t out from your body. It’s like, what…this came from inside me. Like when you look inside the toilet after a dump in amazement and disbelief. “I cannot believe that came out of me,” you mumble to yourself.

Well, Kyle Davis must’ve felt the same way. Some lucky girl got to pull out a clump of ear wax from his ear. Too bad there’s no smell-o-vision, that thing must’ve smelled purdy sweet. Video would’ve been even sweeter if that ear wax was actually a stopper and weird colored fluid started leaking out of Davis’ ear. One can dream.

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