Chris Brown Trapped in the Philippines. Let’s All Give a Big ‘Thank You’ to Their Government

R. Kelly’s trapped in a box and Chris Brown’s trapped in the Philippines. What’s our diplomatic relations with the country? Whatever it is, as long as they keep him, let’s kick those relations up a notch. Maybe make them a favored nation or something. Does someone know what ‘favored nation’ means? I pulled that out of my ass. Take it away, TMZ:

Brown played a show in the country Tuesday night, but when he tried to leave Wednesday morning for his next show in Hong Kong … he was blocked from doing so by the Philippine Department of Justice, reports the Philippines News Agency.

The issue at hand … Brown was allegedly supposed to play a show last New Year’s Eve, but never showed. The promoters of that gig were granted an order to bar Brown from leaving the country in order to get him to pay back money they say they are owed.

Good, hope he forgets to pay his hotel bill and they keep him there longer. In the Philippines, you skip out on a bill and they stop you from ever leaving their country. In LA, you turn someone’s face into ground meat and they lift their heads up and say, “Waaaait. ThisĀ might be a crime.”

Brown’s gonna be awesome at leading the next Philippines viral prisoner dance.

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
8 years ago

lOl! Philippines, this is too funny!