Killing of Cecil the Lion Generates Massive Outrage

The ruthless poaching of Cecil the Lion, beloved king of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, has hit the news leaving his killer, a Minnesota dentist, in deep regret. But not with too much regret. He was just pursuing an activity he loves and practices responsibly and legally! AKA someone is not sorry for his actions, but is feeling mighty sorry for the repercussions of getting caught.

Since the news came out that Dr. Walter J. Palmer killed Cecil in a questionably legal status, outrage has struck the masses. If you’re not familiar with the killing, Cecil was lured out of his sanctuary home with a car adorned with animal carcasses as bait drawing him to the Ndlovu farm next door. Once Cecil was on the farm property, it was theoretically legal to shoot him. Palmer maimed him with a crossbow then stalked┬áthe injured lion for 40 hours until he had a chance to shoot him with a rifle and kill him. Palmer and his guides then skinned Cecil and cut off his head.

Cecil left behind two prides which he led with a total of six lionesses, 12 cubs, and another male, Jericho. Prides become endangered when they lose the lead of their pack, since the male lead is generally the protector from other lions. An Oxford researcher told The Telegraph:

“Jericho as a single male will be unable to defend the two prides and cubs from new males that invade the territory, this is what we most often see happening in these cases. Infanticide is the most likely outcome.”

The entire incident seems to sketchily fit into Zimbabwean law, though the Zimbabwean government is claiming the kill was illegal. While big game hunting is usually looked down upon, this case struck a particular cord with Cecil being one of Africa’s most famous lions. The government is protesting Palmer did not have permission to hunt, but Palmer contests he did everything legally with permits through his guides.

His kill has left his life in the US under severe scrutiny: his contact information, including his dentist office, are being shared on Twitter; his Yelp and Facebook pages are being flooded with negative comments and reviews; and a petition, “Justice for Cecil” has been signed by more than 412,000 people.

Celebrities are also airing their grievances though Twitter, check it out below:

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