Sorry Drake, the Kentucky Wildcats Are Just Not That into You

Drake just kept showing up: during the off-season, for the layup lines, even for uncomfortable pictures with possible new players. After failing at the fadeaway method, Kentucky had to break it off with Drake in a formal cease and desist letter. Talk about a rough breakup.

The action came after the rapper snapped a picture with an incoming basketball recruit last October.

Let’s take a minute to enjoy how uncomfortable the new recruit looks. It almost seems as if Drake is like a clingy girl at a Drake concert trying to take a cute picture with Drake… Basically, what I’m saying is how is he not understanding and empathetic of his craziness?

Oh P.S. the photo also kind of gives off that illegal, I did something special for a student athlete vibe, which is all it takes to get the NCAA’s panties in a twist, thanks NCAA. (*Cough*which is really what the cease and desist letter is about*cough*. It’s just funnier to think it’s not just Meek Mill going Twitter crazy on Drake and causing others to disown him too. What? Don’t awe me; don’t you remember when he punched Rihanna?)

The cease and desist letter has told Drake he must refrain from conversations with prospects, photos with prospects, or basically doing anything but giving them the silent treatment unless the NCAA sets it up. If you’re thinking, “what happens if the athletes go to his concert?” You obviously overestimate the free time of someone who basically has an unpaid full-time job in college.

The coach did try to clear things up via Twitter but, come on guys, I bet you were the final string that broke his heart. Maybe you can cowrite your next album with Ben Gibbard. Or maybe he can just write it for you. Oh! Shots fired!

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