‘The Walking Dead’ Michonne Agrees She Needs to Get Laid

The Walking Dead has been blowing up the news lately with the peek of the season 6 walkers, Daryl aka Norman Reedus telling fans to “burn the DMV” if his character dies, and creator Robert Kirkman revealing he has an ending in mind for the series. Now, Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, is reaching out to fans to let them know she also thinks it’s about time Michonne got laid.

Gurira agrees with fans, she thinks it’s about time she got a boyfriend. She told Entertainment Weekly:

“I love that folks want Michonne to get some. I always say that. I say to my boss, ‘Michonne’s a nun. She don’t give none, she don’t get none'”

Now, it’s time for a flip of the coin, will it be Rick or Morgan? Luckily, in this case the show is based loosely off comics; if you want complete surprise now is a good time to divert your Internet search to cats living the thug life or keep up with whatever bat s**t crazy rich-person thing Donald Trump is up to today.

Or you know, enjoy the new Donald Trump, mad libs style, quote generator.

So in the comics, Michonne and Morgan totally have a flirting thing BUT since the show isn’t an exact match to the storyline, and the two haven’t shared much time together, it seems like a dismal prospect. Even Gurira agrees, pointing out during their last meeting Michonne was weirded out by his craizer-than-her-ness. Gurira says Michonne doesn’t find Morgan particularly “safe” or “comfortable.”

AKA cross those fingers Michonne fans! And for the love of zombies give this girl a romantic interest, writers!

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