Gavin Rossdale’s Gay Ex-Lover Alleges Gavin Still in the Closet

So , why did Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani divorce? One obvious reason is possible infidelity. Gavin cheated on Gwen with, who else, the nanny. A common theme in Hollywood now and always has been.

“Gwen is absolutely devastated about the marriage ending, and she has been inconsolable,” an insider told Radar. “But she had no other choice. She was very suspicious that Gavin was involved with the nanny.”

“Gavin always denied anything inappropriate,” the source continued, “but her friends warned her that it seemed like there was something going on.”

Can’t trust a musician. Another ‘source’ says that this was years in the making.

“It only looks sudden, but everything was worked out months ago so paperwork could be filed and the marriage could be ended quickly and easily.”

The insider says that despite problems in the marriage, the Voice mentor, 45, and the rocker, 49, tried to save their union after the birth of their third son. “Things were rocky before then but they tried to make the marriage work,” the source tells Us. “But it just couldn’t. A lot of the feeling was gone.”

Well, now there’s yet another theory. Rossdale hasn’t come to terms with his desire for men. Dude’s gay.

According to some English cross-dresser named Marilyn, Rossdale needs to accept his homosexuality. Huh, interesting. Radar reports:

Marilyn, born Peter Robinson, claims Rossdale has many “issues” surrounding his sexuality and the history of their affair. After a passionate gay relationship in the early 1980s, Rossdale dated women after finding fame. When Marilyn revealed their relationship in 2009, the Bush frontman denied the relationship, before admitting he had lied in 2010.

‘Youthful indiscretion’. Just a phase. Yeaaa…okay. But do phases last 5 years?

“He called our relationship an experimentation, indiscretion of youth,” Marilyn sniffed. “Our experiment went on for five years! If you don’t live in your own truth, whatever it may be, how can you be happy? You’re not at peace with yourself.”

Ok, but take that with a grain of salt. This Marilyn fella has been a 20-year addict, probably sold his story to get more drug money, says he never got over Rossdale, and hasn’t kissed another person since he broke up with Rossdale in 1986. 28 years of no kissing. Believable? Ehh, you’ll need more than a grain of salt to accept this story.

Did Gavin break up because of his closeted homosexuality? We’ll wait for the guy-on-guy kiss for confirmation.

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