Reese Witherspoon Takes Her Mini-Me Daughter, Ava, Out for a Walk

Every single paparazzi shot of Reese Witherspoon and her daughter, Ava, get taken in a mall. All they do is shop. Here they check out some store in Beverly Hills. Reese Witherspoon has an evil side. You know how I know? She brought cupcakes to Taylor Swift’s concert a few days. #Catcakes she called them.

With it, she wrote the caption:

What do you get a multitalented performer, who is funny, sweet and smart ? #Catcakes. That’s what. Love ya @taylorswift!! Great show last night!

That’s not what makes her evil. It’s that she’s super nice and has that Southern hospitality going on. Yet, she gets raging drunk, pulled out of a car by cops and spews amazing lines like, “I’m an American citizen. I’m allowed to stand on American ground,” and “You’re about to find out who I am!” I’m thinking she’s a younger version of Paula Deen.

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