Model Claims She Was Drugged at Justin Bieber Party

In a Facebook post, Bailey Scarlett recounted how she attended a listening party with Bieber and friends. She poured herself a vodka and lemonade which I have yet to try in all these years. Seems like a good combination. Scarlett says she set the drink down and chatted with her girls.

However, not long after that — Scarlett says she began to feel woozy and her vision became blurred. She says she began to cry and Justin sat down with her to calm her down.

Scarlett added in her Facebook post:

…my vision was ridiculously blurred  felt like I was seeing 10 faces at once, my lips, hands and toes felt numb and I became incoherent.

I totally want to see 10 faces at once. That sounds rather fun. Her Facebook post is a good read. According to her, Bieber asked if she caught ‘Bieber Fever’.

Scarlett’s boyfriend called police out after she started convulsing.

Law enforcement in Melbourne tells TMZ, they responded to a call at the location for a woman who “believed her drink had been spiked.” She was then taken to a local hospital and advised to make an official report about the incident. We’re told at this point she has not yet filed a report.

No police report eh? Not saying it didn’t happen, but if someone drugged me, I would probably let the police know.

Jimi Wyatt, who owns the recording studio, says they have reviewed footage from the event and claims Bailey’s cup is visible the entire time — he says her drink was never touched. Alex McDonnell, who organized the event, tells TMZ he believes the girl was having a panic attack.

Well, there’s video evidence that shows nothing happened. Really doubt Bieber needs to drug anyone at this point in his career. C’mon, have you seen how well his singles have been doing?

(Image courtesy of Heavy)

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8 years ago

you does he think he is , bill cobsy

8 years ago

She’s a liar. Clearly. Her IG is a trip too. Virtually porn.