LL Cool J’s Face and Head Getting Weirder

LL Cool J’s turning into a Conehead. I feel like his forehead and the top of his head are growing more. How is that possible? It’s like his eyes, nose and mouth are the same size. Yet, everything surrounding them is expanding outward. The ever-expanding face of LL Cool J. Sounds like a movie.

I’m at a loss to explain the reason. Oh, wait.

The Human growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. It is the master hormone of the body and controls most of the important functions and metabolic activities.

An excessive secretion of the hormone, could lead to a condition called acromegaly. As a result, the face muscles enlarge and the bones, especially, the forehead and the jaw become very prominent [boldfaced for emphasis]. What’s more, these symptoms of acromegaly, are occasionally seen in adults as a consequence to the growth hormone therapy. The facial bones grow larger and heavier. This makes the face to look different. These changes in the face occur due to an enhancement in the speed of the growth of facial bones. The bones fail to differentiate between natural GH from the synthetic form, and hence, adverse effects of the hormone manifest.

Acromegaly, you say. So, this could happen through HGH treatments? I’m assuming these treatments also allow 47-year olds to continuously grow muscles on top of muscles. Biology typically doesn’t allow guys to get more muscle with age. Maybe LL found the fountain of youth. It comes in a syringe and gets measured in milliliters.

Also, eyebrows. Why doesn’t LL Cool J have any?

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Armless Gamers (offender420)
Armless Gamers (offender420)

LL cone isn’t the only odd looking cast member in ncis

Og Nigar
Og Nigar

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Armless Gamers (offender420)
Armless Gamers (offender420)

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Don’t make threats you can’t fulfill.
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Og Nigar
Og Nigar

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Armless Gamers (offender420)
Armless Gamers (offender420)

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You’re pathetic.
People like you are the reason behind racism.
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