Rick James’ Evil Twin Robbing Banks Across Indiana

So, THAT’S where Rick James has been. Some bank robber in Indiana donned a Rick James-type wig and stuck up an Advance America bank on September 15. His partner in crime? 70’s superstar Supafly.


According to witnesses, two men wearing all black entered the bank with handguns, approaching the teller and demanding money…

One of the suspects was wearing a wig with long braids and beads similar to funk superstar Rick James, and police believe he may also have robbed the Indiana Members Credit Union in the same city on Sept. 20…

The second suspect — who has been likened to fictional drug dealer Youngblood Priest from 1970s movie “Super Fly” — was also wearing a wig, with a gray Indianapolis Colts hat and sunglasses.

“Gimme all your money. Why?  ‘Cause I’m Rick James, bitch!”

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