Sara Sampaio’s Dusty Butthole

Everyone and their mother seems to be attending Burning Man. Katy Perry and her runaway Segway made it out. Supposedly, Leo DiCaprio and girlfriend, Kelly Rohrbach, also have attended. There’s costumes galore and lots of ass hanging out if Instagram is any indication. Trust me, I’ve been staring at Insta for the whole afternoon studying dusty asses.

Model Sara Sampaio also checked out Burning Mana aka The festival for the 1%. She strapped on some knee-high boots, goggles and what look to be holsters for her cell phones and gadgets. She also left her beautiful ass uncovered because she is a generous and compassionate woman. Sampaio will never deprive ass men of sustenance. That’s gonna leave a mean sunburn though. Hopefully, she slathered on some SPF 200.

#burningman #deepplaya #whiteocean @whiteocean_bm ❤️

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