Model Sara Sampaio Drags Jameela Jamil and It’s Glorious

This is Sara Sampaio. She is a model and she is very attractive.

She’s not a fan of Jameela Jamil. This is because Jamil is a “body positivity” activist, which usually means being shitty to thin women.

Yeah, sort of like that. And yeah, that tweet is from three days ago, but that’s how long these two were fighting for on Twitter.

Sampaio took issue with Jamil’s tweet.

I mean, she’s not wrong. Most of these body positivity and inclusion “call outs” basically amount to “stop hiring attractive women.” There are a lot of women who look like Sara Sampaio in the world and bullying them to make yourself feel better isn’t positivity.

She’s just very concerned about teens, that’s why she has to take swipes at models.

She eventually, at least temporarily, dropped the facade to say she should be allowed to attack whoever she wants, which, fair enough.

But she seems to backtrack from this to say she was attacking the industry and not the models, despite her hostile response to the comment that she should attack the industry and not the models.

Sampaio becomes Fed up with Jamil around here and calls her condescending, which causes Jamil to attack Sampaio’s employer.

I’d like to point out here that Jameela Jamil works for NBC, which is owned by Comcast, which was twice named “The Worst Company in America” by Consumer Reports.

I don’t think Jameela Jamil is a terrible person, I just think she’s really annoying. I think she means well, she wants to do good. But she could probably do that without making people feel shitty.

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