Jameela Jamil Attacks Twitter User, Proving Once Again She’s The Absolute Worst

The Good Place / Composite

Jameela Jamil likes to say that the reason people don’t like her is that they’re confusing her with the character she played on The Good Place, a vapid starfucker who thinks she’s better than everyone else. Having seen Jamil as a presenter and a contestant on shows like The Great Comic Relief Bake-Off, the only difference I can seen between Jamil and her character Tahani is that in real life, Jamil is much, much less intelligent.

Jameela Jamil also can’t take even the slightest bit of criticism. Take, for example, this twitter user who called her annoying.

I guess you could say it went viral, 65,000 likes is pretty many, but still: she did not tag Jamil, she did not put her name in the tweet so she would find it when she was name-searching herself because you know she has a Google alert for her own name (hi Jameela, you’re a horrible person, no one buys your fake wake act). I’m pretty sure that for her to find this, someone Jameela Jamil follows had to have liked and retweeted this so it ended up on her timeline, which is just amazing.

I’m sure Jamil responded to this in a dignified way, probably by just saying nothing.

Would I be writing this article if Jameela Jamil had ever done anything in a dignified way?

Maybe the reason she has such nice skin is that it’s so thin. If everyone who though Jameela Jamil was annoying needed therapy the world would grind to a halt because every single person would be making an appointment with a psychologist.

After making this tweet, Jameela was probably hit by a car while running away from a bee.

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