Chinese Floating Cloud City Illusion Causes A Stir

The illusion of a floating cloud city appeared high in the sky above the city of Foshan in China’s Guangdong province. It also appeared above the Jiangxi province. Of course, conspiracy theorists are buzzing, despite it being easily explained by science or digital manipulation.

As far as the Fox Mulders of the world are concerned, this is concrete and undeniable proof of THE GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY TO CONCEAL THE REALITY OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE.

Ok, not really, but what they do believe is even wackier. Apparently this sky city is proof of “Project Blue Beam.” Besides being a cool name for your next noise band, this is apparently code for NASA’s diabolical plan to implement a new Anti-christ based religion. Sounds metal as hell, right?

As far as the science goes, this sky city could possibly be a Fata Morgana optical illusion. Fata Morgana optical illusions are the result of rays of light being bent after passing through air layers of different temperatures. They are famous for causing strange visual anomalies, but only appear above the Horizon. This city appeared in the middle of the sky.

On top of that, the only footage that exists of this thing was aired on Chinese TV. You’re telling me that in a huge city in an age where people live on their phones, all phones have cameras, and people compulsively update everyone on every moment of their lives via social media, not a single person got a video of this thing, even though thousands of people saw it?

Suspish. Very suspish. 

While this probably has more to do with Photoshop layers than air layers or NASA trying to rain down a thousand years of blood upon us, it’s still pretty out there. I mean, honestly, with how heavily polluted the air in a lot of major Chinese cities is, it’s a wonder we haven’t found some kind of asthmatic smog Cthulhu wandering Shanghai. I bet this is just to distract us from the asthmatic smog Cthulhu. I’m onto you, China. Get that octopus-man-dragon an inhaler.

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