Diamondback Announcers Mourn Loss of Good Ol’ Days

Last night’s Rockies-Diamondbacks game was notable for maybe only one reason: a group of sorority sisters in attendance taking numerous selfies. The announcers, apparently bored to tears by America’s favorite pastime, turned their focus to the young women and made quite a few very original jokes and observations about selfie culture, millennials, and “parenting in 2015.”

Who can blame these girls for trying to have fun at a baseball game? Maybe she wants a picture documenting every bite of her churro. Gentlemen, accept the modern world. You have fun one way, they have fun another. And you can have a good ol’ fashioned conversation at a baseball game AND take pictures with your dearest friends to celebrate what little fun you might be having at the ball game.

The Diamondbacks won the game 3-1. It looks like the girls had a wonderful time.

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