‘Divorce Selfies’ Are the Hot New Instagram Trend

I’m really glad the era of using social media to promote some fake perfect version of your life is over and people are now using it to document their divorces.

A lot of people out there will tell you that divorces are a sign of moral decline in America, and the apocalypse, but I would like to spitball something a little different.

Maybe leaving shitty toxic relationships that don’t fulfill you should be documented, normalized, and celebrated. Maybe a lifetime of monogamy, unless that works for you, is a dumb idea to enforce point blank, and now that women and men aren’t economically chained to each other¬†against their will, we can all take a #Divorceselfie and have a good time.

Looks like these people have.

That’s so much more healthy and mature then “We haven’t fucked in 20 years but stay together anyway because we feel like we have to.”

I love it.

Good for y’all.


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