Halle Berry Files for Divorce Because Olivier Martinez Is Too ‘Macho’

‘Tis the season to drop kick your partner to the curb. Fa la laaa la la, la la laaa laaaaa. And another one bites the dust. Halle Berry filed for divorce from hothead hubby, Olivier Martinez. According to gossip, Martinez can’t keep a lid on his temper. A TMZ source says they have a “personality difference.” Another source added,”[t]hey’re just very, very different people. He’s a very macho guy, and things just didn’t jive.”

Now, the two have raced to court to file their petitions first.

The couple filed dueling petitions for divorce this week: Berry submitted hers under the alias “Hal Maria” on Monday and Martinez filed his own on Tuesday.

Why the race to the courthouse?

“For tactical reasons, some attorneys want to file first because if you’re the petitioner and the case proceeds to trial, you get to put on the case first,” Robert Brandt, a family law specialist in California, tells PEOPLE. “It gives you that advantage.”

Martinez has gotten into some higher profile fights in the past. He scuffled with a photog a couple years ago and also clocked Gabriel Autry, Berry’s ex-boyfriend, and turned him into something hideous. Don’t mess with Martinez. The guy used to be a pro boxer in Europe. Though Martinez has never been violent towards Berry or their 2-year-old son, Maceo, Berry obviously doesn’t want to take any chances.

If Berry and Martinez can’t agree on custody, Martinez’s violent episodes – including a 2012 brawl with Gabriel Aubrey, the father of Berry’s daughter Nahla – could be used against him, Brandt says: “In terms of child custody, absolutely.”

Don’t worry Halle, I’m a lover, not a fighter. Definitely not a fighter. I’m not violent either unless you’ve seen me plow through a bag of white cheddar cheese popcorn. That’s pure murder right there.

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