Why Anyone Can’t Melt at Olivia Culpo — The Spanish Translation

Esquire Mexico put Olivia Culpo in their latest issue. Hot as usual. She was a former beauty queen. Deservedly so.

The real story though it is running the interview through Google translate. Waaay more exciting and funny. The best tidbits:

The first few minutes with her the phone was enough to reassure me. After all, not always lucky enough to fulfill the fantasy of many, spend some time alone (even on the phone) with a supermodel.

As close to a supermodel as this writer will get. Spend time alone, fulfill fantasy of many. Jealous, you are?

Why anyone can melt at Olivia? It is difficult to choose between her eyes, her perfect figure and style. Blame speak clearly and his voice conveys calm and enthusiasm. And immediately makes clear why anyone can be blown away by it.

Umm, I’m assuming here the writer is flustered with Culpo’s beauty and grace. Either that or he’s suffering a stroke and losing his speaking ability.

ESQ: From a young age you have been on the runways and won major competitions. What did you learn from those experiences?

OC: Login to the fashion world was completely new to me and at first I was shocked. And little by little, over the years I’ve learned that you have confidence in yourself. It is essential, very important. The competitions helped me learn and communicate to others that one can achieve anything you propose, everything you want, while you try and look really passionately. No matter where you depart, but as far as you can get and what you can achieve if your desire comes from the bottom of your heart.

Login? Ok. “No matter where you depart, but as far as you can get and what you can achieve if your desire comes from the bottom of your heart” sounds like some fortune cookie s**t. If Buddha was alive, he’d be writing fortune cookie sayings. Think about that son.

Also, did you know Culpo loves playing cello? That’s Renaissance right there. She also loves cooking. Damn, you mean she can make me a sandwich AND play me music while I eat? Where do I sign up…

With his voice soft and cheerful always, the end of the conversation sounded tender and idealistic. Could it be that the most beautiful woman in the world is a dreamer? Perhaps that is another of his virtues. For what would be the world without dreamers? And above all, what would we do without Olivia blame?

Yes, what WOULD we do without Olivia blame.

(H/T Esquire Mexico)

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