The Kardashians are Using Lamar Odom for Money and Lying About His Progress

It’s sad to see what some people will do for money. Like the Kardashians. They”ll screw over their own family to make a buck or get a few more mentions in the media. It’s like they’re not even real, just soulless holograms that happen to pump blood in their circuitry. It’s still surprising people care about Kim Kardashian. She’s on repeat. Reality show, get pregnant, pregnancy tit pics, repeat.

While Lamar Odom’s lying in a hospital trying to get his kidneys to work again, the Kardashians have plotted how to maximize this story.

“The Kardashian spin machine has been in overdrive telling media outlets Lamar has been improving daily,” an insider told Radar. “The reason they are doing this is it allows Kim, Kendall, Kylie and Kendall to carry on with their appearances, and posting selfies on social media. The truth is that the dialysis Lamar is getting every other day is taking a toll on his body.”

“Lamar is sleeping most of the day, struggling to talk, and definitely hasn’t been walking,” the source insisted.

How come I’m not surprised. I can totally see this happening and that fame-hungry Svengali Kris Jenner conniving behind the scenes. Notice how there are less stories about them recently. That’s because they aren’t planting gossip with the press. They aren’t stupid; they fear the backlash if they’re caught happily sashaying on a Paris street.

“Even though Lamar has been able to sit in a chair, it’s just an extension of the hospital bed. It’s a full recliner, and it takes four people to assist him the two steps to the chair. But doctors want Lamar out of bed to manage the pneumonia and to prevent bed sores.”

Overall, the insider stressed he is not out of the woods: “No one should be surprised if Lamar’s condition worsens.”

Crap, the Kardashians can’t let Odom die. He’s their meal ticket for this next season or two. They’ll keep him alive like Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s or that girl from Oakland, Jahi McMath. If Khloe has to hide behind Lamar and wave his hands around for him, so be it.

You know who’s the real loser in this Lamar Odom drama? Caitlyn Jenner. NO ONE’S talking about her now except when she gets humiliated.

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8 years ago

Khloe and the Kardashians know Lamar Odom has a good INSURANCE POLICY SO SHE MUST STAY MARRIED TO CASH IN WHEN HE DIES, ODOM ALSO HAS A GOOD NBA PENSION….This is all about money he dies they cash in