UConn Kid Goes On Drunk Tirade ‘Cause He Can’t Get Mac N’ Cheese

Some people can’t handle their alcohol. That’s the lesson after watching Luke Gatti, 18, go off on a cafeteria manager because he wouldn’t serve Gatti mac n’ cheese. That’s a serious crime! Said no one ever.

The manager refused to serve Gatti because he walked into the cafeteria with an open bottle of booze and drank it right there. That’s not how you get food served to you, son. After getting his mac n’ cheese request shutdown, Gatti goes off on a nine minute tirade. He’d do well in Senate filibusters.

Gatti also ends up pushing the manager a couple of times. The manager, surprisingly, takes it all in stride and shows a lot more restraint than Gatti deserved.

The kid gives the manager one shove too many though. That’s when Bill, another of the one cafeteria workers, catches Gatti in a full Nelson from behind. “You don’t touch my boss!” Bill shouted as he took Gatti to the ground. Give Bill the employee of the month award.

A cop eventually comes, handcuffs Gatti out and presumably takes him to the drunk tank to sober up.

This wasn’t Gatti’s first time mouthing off though. Gatti’s been arrested twice in September for both disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer (while calling him the ‘N’ word). They definitely don’t serve mac n’ cheese in jail, so you just screwed yourself kid.

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