A Wasted Kate Moss Wanted to Fight Partygoer Before Mary J. Blige Stepped In

Someone hold Kate Moss’ earrings. The 90’s supermodel, 43, got trashed at fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief bash at the Cannes Film Festival. Moss was allegedly so drunk off bottles of wine that she started throwing flower arrangements around. I want to party with her…

It got to the point that one of the attendees “started squaring up” to her. According to The Sun, Moss was ready to throw down before Mary J. Blige played peacemaker. Did Blige say, “You’re too old for this s**t…”

Other partygoers had the other person thrown out. Too bad. It’s not a party until two girls start pulling each other’s hair.

Moss can’t seem to handle her alcohol. She went off on a pilot a couple of years ago. Back then, she hit up her hidden vodka stash on the plane and became “disruptive.” It ended with police escorting off her plane. She got one shot in at the pilot though, calling the pilot a “basic bitch.” Hehe. I can’t lie, that’s pretty hilarious.

Models today need to up their game. Karlie Kloss is off starting computer programming camps for women instead of getting trashed and fighting. Kate Moss would call that a basic bitch move.

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