Derek Hough Squeezed a Fart Out of Bindi Irwin

The Crocodile Hunter’s daughter, Bindi Irwin, is on Dancing With the Stars. Which is amazing because is that show still on? The other night whenever this show aired, hopefully at 3 am in the morning before a celebrity Proactiv commercial but probably not, Derek Hough and his “celebrity” dancing partner Bindi Irwin were told they were safe from elimination. What wasn’t safe from elimination? The gas in Bindi’s intestines. She farted. I’m trying to say she farted. I’m surprised her skirt didn’t billow upward from that gust of wind.

If you’ll remember, Nancy Grace was the first to do this on DWTS.

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8 years ago

So? Can we all believe that the writer doesn’t EVER EVER break wind?