‘First She’s Taking Gaga’s Grammy and Now She’s Taking Her Bodyguard?’ — The Internet is Loving Adele’s Hot Bodyguard

Since tearing through the music scene like a glamorous, soulful tornado with her album 25, Adele has beefed up security with this dude:

A smokin’ hot man known as Pete, whose been in all of the singer’s recent pictures. The internet has taken note and has been asking the real questions. Questions like: ‘Who the hell is this fine ass man?’ and ‘Where can I get one?’

I can answer all of these burning questions. He’s a Hollander named Peter Van der Veen. He currently works for a personal protection agency, which is why he’s been caught doin’ his whole protection shtick for Adele. He’s also worked for celebs like Lady Gaga and Iggy Azalea. Pete wasn’t always a professionally hot bodyguard though. He used to be a bodybuilder (of course) and was Mr. Europe champion in 2005.


His vocals feature on the Gaga track, “Government Hooker“, and her fans seem less than cool with him protecting Adele now.

But there’s plenty of Peter Van Der Veen to go around.

Thanks @ God.

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