Justin Bieber Thinks People Should Pay $2000 for a Selfie with Him

Bieber’s 50+ city “Purpose World Tour” starts off March 9, 2015 in Seattle. The tour will (thank the lord) come to a merciful end at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Monday, April 25, 2016. Tickets run from about $50-126, which is pretty standard. However, if you hate yourself enough to want to be in the presence of this spoiled mediocre white boy, it’s gonna cost you some serious coin.

There are three VIP ticket packages and only two of them include pictures with Bieber. The most expensive of them is “The Ultimate #Purpose Experience”. The poor tasteless souls who choose this package get the best seats in the house and a meet and greet with Bieber before the show where he will take a one on one selfie with them.

Why pay two grand to get that close to Justin Bieber when you can just go to a park and wait for a dog to s**t and take a selfie with it?

For the small price of just $925, fans get a premium ticket and can take a group photo with him and other fans.

Many fans are expressing their anger on Twitter. They can’t ‘belieb’ their idol is straight up tryna rob them blind. I can. Justin Bieber is the worst.

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